New York Times best selling author and builder of dozens of
businesses worth billions shows you how to have your own
successful business… without “risking it all”…

“Scaredy-Cat   Millionaire”

How America’s “Reluctant Entrepreneur”
Can Help You Launch Your Own
Successful Business Today – Without
Leaving Your Job or Risking Your Savings

Dear Would-Be-Business-Owner,

My name is Craig Ballantyne.

Through my Early To Rise website, I advise tens of thousands of people who are fed up with the work-a-day world on how to live their dream as a successful entrepreneur.

Listening to my readers I know just how alive the American entrepreneurial spirit is. I also know what a great lifestyle having your own, thriving successful business can be…

One where you call the shots…

Where you live each day for your own success, not someone else’s…

Where you have a chance to leave your mark on the world by building something real and meaningful…

And you’re highly rewarded for it, both in wealth and personal freedom.

Now a lot of people will try to tell you that to be successful in your own business you should quit your day job and “go for broke” after your dreams.

But as you’re about to discover, that is NOT the best way to become wealthy.

In fact, the advice you’re about to hear from my good friend and mentor Michael Masterson, a serial entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, New York Times best-selling author — and something of a personal hero of mine — is that exact opposite of what most people think they should do when starting a business.

You see, there was a time in my life when I thought the only way to be a successful business owner was to roll the dice and risk everything. That’s what I had been told most successful entrepreneurs did. And because I’m not a huge “risk taker,” I was paralyzed by the same “fear of losing” that holds so many good, smart, destined-to-be-successful people back from starting their own business.

But after hearing how Michael evolved from a Long Island pool builder and house painter... to the mentor and builder of dozens of highly successful businesses who amassed a $50 million personal fortune along the way (while living a rather lavish and privileged lifestyle, I might add)…

… and did it all without ever quitting his job or giving up his current income. Well learning that, I knew there was no reason I couldn’t do it, too.

So I did what I’ve always dreamed of doing. Several years ago, I turned my love of fitness and exercise into a very successful seven-figure business.  And about a year ago, I got involved in my second business with Early to Rise — helping others follow the path to entrepreneurial success.

And to this day, Michael Masterson continues to play a key role in all my success.

More importantly, he’s made it his life’s work to help others get rich too – and he wants you to know there is no reason you can’t have that business you’ve always wanted…

In fact, it’s easier than you think.

And you don’t have to give up your job or your current income or risk your savings to make it happen. (In fact, he says you shouldn’t!)

“When it comes to simplifying the art of wealth-building, Michael Masterson is one of the smartest people I know.  It’s amazing how many successful businesses he has built in such a short period of time.  Masterson is not only the ultimate action-oriented achiever, but tens of thousands of entrepreneurs have also profited by his sage advice.”

-Robert Ringer, New York Times bestselling author and owner of The Voice of Sanity

In other words, its okay – a good thing, in fact – to be “scared.”

You can still become rich.

Quitting your job, getting a fancy office, filling it with business supplies and ordering business cards are the LAST things you should be doing when starting a business.

He says there is only one thing you need to do to know whether the business idea you have in mind will work or not. If you learn what that is… and follow his very simple plan… you can know in a weekend or two.

Then, once your idea passes this key “success test,” it’s just a matter of spending a few hours a week, building up that business slowly and steadily until it’s producing an income that replaces – and exceeds – your current one.

Believe me, nobody knows better than me how Michael’s “safe and simple” strategy really works… and all the other people he’s influenced and helped become successful over the years.

It’s Easy to Be “Scared Rich”

Take Bruce Scott for example...

He met Michael Masterson while toiling away as an accountant for a public CPA firm. He always wanted to start his own business but was afraid to leave the security of his job. Today he has his own business and lives in a $10 million house in Palm Beach, just a few houses north of Masterson’s mansion.

It’s all thanks to a little mentoring he got from Michael back in the early 1990s. And he didn’t risk a penny of his own money.

Or physician Don Savage, who was fed up working 16 hours a day handling thousands of patients. He was afraid to give up a successful practice, but talked about it with Michael. Today he’s richer and happier, working from a beautiful 20,000 square-foot building he owns in West Palm Beach that contains a medical research business, a longevity and fitness center and a thriving publishing company.

Or Peter Little who was scraping out a meager living giving dance lessons when he met Masterson and now runs a growing, multimillion-dollar publishing business from his new, 5,000-square foot home in Boca Raton Florida.

These are just three of hundreds of people Michael’s helped to establish successful and lasting businesses over the years. They were people who, like you, wanted something better for themselves but were “too scared” to take that next step. Now, they own successful businesses, do work they love – and rake in plenty of cash.

Katie Yeakle, executive director and part owner of American Writers and Artists, Inc. is another successful businessperson Michael has mentored over the years, She says:

“There is no person I know who has mentored more people in starting their own business than Michael Masterson. I can say first hand – if you’ve always wanted to start your own business – but you’ve been afraid to take that first step – you need to follow Michael’s advice. Now that he’s made his own fortune and he’s retired… it’s been his life’s mission.”

It’s true. Michael loves helping people become rich.

A “Natural Born” Teacher

After building more than a dozen multimillion dollar businesses, including one that reached $135 million and another that exceeded $500 million, Michael Masterson (his pen name) wanted to “give back.” So he spent the next 10 years giving advice about entrepreneurship, personal productivity and wealth building in Early to Rise, an email newsletter that reached more than 500,000 readers. He’s also written and published more than 10 books, including several that became New York Times and Wall Street Journal best sellers.

“Michael Masterson is one of the most knowledgeable authorities on wealth creation in the world today. His ideas and insights help the average person to achieve greater levels of financial success than he or she has ever thought possible.”

-Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International

But in 2011 Michael Masterson retired from writing about business.

“I’ve written everything I know about business many times over,” he told his subscribers prior to his departure. “Except for one thing. It’s a question I’ve been asked over and over again by hundreds of wanna-be-entrepreneurs: How can I start a business if I am scared to leave my job and strike out on my own?”

It’s an important and very real concern.

Millions of people dream of having their own business… living the American Dream… being able to get up each day and do something they love… knowing that every ounce of their efforts will benefit them and their families.

But then reality sets in. There are bills to pay… retirement plans to keep… kids to put through school. At conferences and meetings they ask Michael: “I’d love to start my own business, but how can I afford the time and the money to do it right now?”

In his latest (and last) book, The Reluctant Entrepreneur (published by John Wiley), Michael Masterson answers that question in a very compelling way.

He says it’s a common myth that you have to “take a flying leap” and risk everything to be successful in a business. Really it’s much better if you don’t.

You really CAN be “scared to death” of risk – and still be a successful millionaire.  

In fact, that’s what makes The Reluctant Entrepreneur different from any “business start up” book ever written…

It shows you step by step how you can start a successful business in virtually any field without giving up your day job… and without having to risk any or all of your life savings.

“It’s Easier Than You Think!”

Says Masterson, “Most people who dream of starting their own business delay taking action because they imagine that it is more difficult than it really is.”

Maybe you think you don’t have enough money… or enough experience… or the right contacts. Or maybe you feel you don’t have enough time. Or you hesitate to start because you are secretly afraid you will fail and you will be judged.

“I read ‘The Reluctant Entrepreneur’ in one sitting as soon as I got it. I really loved your very realistic and pragmatic take on business. That kind of real-world opinion and input is sorely needed.”

- Yanik Silver, Owner
Maverick Business Adventures

All of these fears are very common and in fact very sensible, says Masterson. Most entrepreneurs fail because they are blocked by one of these obstacles. But you can avoid all the most common mistakes if you follow a few well-proven guidelines – the ones laid out in his newest book.

“When I began my first businesses I had all these fears myself. But thanks to the help of several kind and knowledgeable mentors I was able to overcome them. So now I want to pass along what I learned to other people who, like me, want to have their own business but are reluctant to try.”

As Masterson points out, the business media has not been helpful in eliminating these fears.

“The media has long portrayed the entrepreneur as the daring visionary, willing to sacrifice almost everything to realize his or her dream.

But it’s been my experience that most successful businesses start out very differently… and much more conservatively. I have started and co-started dozens of businesses where I began with virtually no money, working only a few hours a day.  I’ve helped dozens of people do the same. And very quickly, by doing the right things… following the right steps… they wind up making so much money that they no longer need the salary from their jobs.

Of course, if you’ve never started or run a business, it’s difficult to know what steps to take – and when.

That’s what makes The Reluctant Entrepreneur a “must read” if you’ve ever dreamed of striking out on your own and building a successful business – whether your goal is to have a part time money-maker or create a multimillion dollar corporation.

It’s light on boring business theory and heavy on “what to do now” pointers. It’s a step-by-step, roll-up-your-sleeves blue print for launching and growing a successful business in as little time (and with as little money) as possible.

“Three Hours Later… I’m Excited
to Get Started!”

And the great thing is you can put the advice into action right away.

Says Reluctant Entrepreneur reader Charles Hiller:

“I read the book from cover to cover on a plane ride from my home in Vermont to Florida – in three hours. By the time the plane touched down I had made up my mind to start a business I’ve been thinking about for 20 years. (The book) was not only amazingly inspirational, it gave me a blueprint I could follow to get started right away. Better still, it gave me three specific things I can do right away to know if my idea will work – and I didn’t have to spend any more than $100 of my money. I’m very excited to get going on this!”

“Michael is a consummate entrepreneur and marketer.  His instincts for identifying consumers’ needs ... for creating blockbuster promotions ... and for fulfilling with quality products that keep customers coming back ... are legendary in our markets.”

-Clayton Makepeace, Direct Response Copywriting Legend

Worried you don’t have what it takes to be a successful “reluctant entrepreneur”? According to Masterson, there’s a “budding entrepreneur” in all of us. It’s just a matter of finding what drives and excites you. Once you find it, you’ll be surprised how easy it can be.

In fact, at first glance, Michael was a most improbable entrepreneur. Years ago he was a Peace Corps volunteer living in a mud hut in Africa, with ideas of returning to the U.S. to teach like his father did before him. That all changed when he took a job and met some dynamic and successful businessmen who got him excited about the idea of running his own business.

Still, he wasn’t a risk taker. It just wasn’t in his blood. But he learned that you didn’t have to risk everything. In fact, not only is it possible to achieve enormous success without taking needless risks – your chances of success are much greater when you “play it safe!”

Are You a “Reluctant Entrepreneur?”
Take This Test to Find Out…

Masterson says all reluctant entrepreneurs share five common characteristics. Want to know if you fit the bill or not? See if you agree with any or all of these statements:

  1. You would like to have your own business but you don’t want to put your savings at risk – not at all.

  2. You would never think of quitting your job, until you could replace (or exceed) your current income.

  3. You like the idea of being your own boss, but you’re not sure you’d be good at it.

  4. You are willing to take responsibility for your actions, yet you don’t want people to know about your mistakes.

  5. You have good ideas, but you’re not sure how to execute them.

If you agree with three or more of these statements, you are a reluctant entrepreneur at heart, says Masterson… “Just like me!”

And his newest book is an invitation to join him and the hundreds of friends and associates he’s helped to start successful, thriving and fulfilling businesses over the years.

Unlike just about every other book that has ever been written on business and entrepreneurship – The Reluctant Entrepreneur was written for non-risk takers. Because the truth is you don’t need a huge bank account to become a successful entrepreneur. Nor do you need to work 20 hours a day. Nor do you need to risk your house or your savings.

What you need – right now – is to read this book.

Entrepreneurial Success for the Fearful,
One Secret at a Time

The Reluctant Entrepreneur takes you step by step through the business building and creation process – while you keep your job and hang on to your savings. You’ll learn powerful “insider” secrets from someone who’s done it and still considers himself a “chicken” entrepreneur today.

For instance:


One of the very first secrets you’ll learn is also the most important: how to know quickly if there’s an actual market for your product or service. Sounds obvious right? But it’s amazing how many entrepreneurs don’t bother to find out… or they spend millions before they know the answer. Michael shows you how to do it in a day… without spending any more than $50!


You’ll learn the best ways to fund your enterprise without racking up loads of debt or losing control of your business. There’s even a way to start up your business with no cash at all – by letting your customers fund your business for you! (In fact, Michael used this technique to help one entrepreneur launch a multimillion-dollar educational business.)


You’ll learn Michael’s trick for hiring “superstar” employees – people more qualified than you to run key parts of your business. You’ll learn the areas of your business that need these superstars … the traits they should have… where to find them… how to groom them… and how hiring them can transform your business like no other action you can take…


One of the most essential business-building techniques Michael has discovered over the years is the power of forming great business relationships. New entrepreneurs tend to overlook this step, but linking up with smart, well-connected people is the best way to accelerate your success. That’s why he devotes an entire chapter to making smart people who can help advance your business want to do business with you.


You will get a crash course in marketing – proven, sure-fire techniques you can use to sell any product or service to any market. These are the very techniques Michael has used to market hundreds of billions of dollars in products and services himself. You’ll learn how to do everything from positioning your product in the market… to making it stand out from the competition – to developing an entire advertising campaign for your company.


By becoming a marketing genius and discovering your Optimal Selling Strategy, you’ll know how to take your new business from zero to $1 million in sales quickly. Next, you’ll be ready for Phase II of Michael’s plan: advanced strategies that will let you take your $1 million to $10 million by expanding your product line, finding new customers, keeping your competitive edge, raising the bar when it comes to customer service and more.


Just when you think you have everything you need, you get a treasure trove of Michael’s private success secrets — like his personal time management system that lets him get more done in a day than most people do in a week… his “10 Commandments” for business… and his techniques for building business relationships and motivating employees and customers.

Honest Advice Leads To
Honest Success

And just so you know, one thing Michael doesn’t do in The Reluctant Entrepreneur is gloss over reality. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur and keep your job and income in the beginning (as Michael recommends), you will have to put in the extra hours.

But if you follow the plan that’s set out for you in the book, these initial efforts will be well rewarded. That’s because the life of a successful entrepreneur is one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to live your life.

Perhaps for the very first time in your life you’ll be eager to wake up every day knowing you can:

  • Work without a boss to judge or critique you…

  • Turn what you’re passionate about into a thriving business… be it a favorite hobby, your love of sports or an exciting product idea you’ve always had.

  • Work as much or as little as you like – it all depends on how big you want your business to grow and how rich you want to be.

  • Run your successful business from your home, or from a small office you can turn into a fun and inspiring space…

Once your business is up and running and generating the passive income you want, you can let your foot off the pedal – and spend more time doing the things you love, like traveling or being with family.  (Then again, a lot of “reluctant entrepreneurs” love working in their business so much it’s actually more fun than anything else for them!)

You Can Do This

Michael Masterson wants you to know that you can have this dream. That’s why he wrote The Reluctant Entrepreneur as his final book.

When you read it there will be no confusion about what actions to take. This is not theory. This is not speculation. It is a blueprint designed specifically for people who want to be rich but are afraid to take that first step.  It contains the very secrets that made multi-millionaires of the entrepreneurs Masterson mentored personally over the years.

The Reluctant Entrepreneur is not some long-winded academic business book that will take you weeks and months to read and understand. It’s a “fast read” jam packed with a mix of hard strategies and real-life anecdotes and examples that let you understand important concepts immediately.

You’ll discover:

  • The #1 rule a reluctant entrepreneur must follow…
  • The 6 strategic decisions you must make before you start your business…
  • How to “make” the time you need to launch your business… even if you’re working full time and have a family…
  • How much money you’ll need… where to find it… and the best way to launch a business without spending a dime of your own...
  • How to find and use a business mentor to shortcut your success…
  • The best investment you will ever make in your business (and it doesn’t involve money)…
  • 12 ways to get influential people to help you grow your business…
  • How to get other successful business people to reveal their most powerful secrets to you…
  • The best, cheapest and easiest way to market most any product or service (and the returns can be instantaneous)…
  • How to master the “art of persuasion,” the powerful technique of getting people (including customers) to do things your way…
  • How to make your product stand head and shoulders above the competition…
  • How much of your profits should go in your pocket – and how much should go back into the business…
  • The one “success trap” you should avoid at all costs…
  • 16 traits of an effective leader – and how knowing them can make a world of difference in the success of your business…
  • How to use humor to make you a better, more likeable businessperson…
  • And much, much more.

And remember… once you’re successful in your first business, you can do like Michael’s done and parlay that success into another business… and then another… and then another still…

Because once you know the simple secrets to starting a successful business – the secrets Michael reveals in this book – it’s just a matter of “replicating the recipe” from one business to the next.

It’s a skill you never lose…

Before you know it you’ve amassed a multimillion dollar fortune like Michael has – and you’ll never have to worry about money or a comfortable retirement ever!

People Are Raving About
The Reluctant Entrepreneur

As I said, this is Michael Masterson’s FINAL book. He wanted it to be his best. And the critics are raving about it:

“Finally a book on creating your own business and financial independence with specific advice from someone who has been there and done that. The information in this book is not theory but is backed by $50 million in real-world results. I recommend this book to anyone who is even thinking of starting a business. The section on creating your ‘optimal selling strategy’ must not be missed.”

— Chris Baltrusch, fitness guru and entrepreneur

 “The Reluctant Entrepreneur is a rarity – a business book worth many times its cover price, written by a successful businessman who has started many companies without taking undue risk.”

— Robert Bly, copywriter and best-selling author

“Too many would-be entrepreneurs mistakenly believe they need breakthrough technology, a patented product, or a visionary innovation to make it big in business. Just the opposite is true. As steel magnate Andrew Carnegie famously said, ‘pioneering don’t pay.’ And in his wonderful new book, Michael Masterson shows how organization, smart risk management and the application of sound principles lead – almost inevitably – to real business success and enduring wealth. There’s a lifetime of wisdom and experience in these pages, expressed simply and engagingly by the most successful entrepreneur I know.”

— Alexander Green, author of Beyond Wealth: The Road Map to a Rich Life

“I wish I had this book many years ago. It would have saved me a ton of time, money and headaches. Do yourself a favor – buy this book, grab a highlighter and put these principles to work in your business.

— Noah St. John, inventor of ‘Afformations’ and
author of bestseller The Secret Code of Business

If you have ever dreamed of firing your boss and taking back control of your life, now you can. And it’s the perfect time. Never before has the American worker had less security or made less money in real dollar terms than today.

There’s Never Been a Better Time
to Escape the Work-a-Day World

Employee loyalty, generous pensions, regular raises, job security, attractive benefits – even good vacation packages… they’re all falling by the wayside as companies cut back in today’s challenging economy.

Companies that once valued “career” employees now know full well they can replace the bloated salary of a 10-to-20-year veteran with an eager kid out of college for about half the cost.

With your own business – you are in charge. You decide how much and how hard you work. You decide whom you work with and how much you make. And so long as you follow Michael’s plan for building your own successful business, you’ll have a lifetime of ever-growing income AND job security.

You only really have one opportunity in life for you and your family… to make a difference… to put yourself above the common muck… to establish wealth and enjoy financial independence and create a longstanding legacy for your family.

And this book will power the engine to that success.

“First Readers” Get a 36% Discount

By receiving this letter, you are among the very first in the world to be invited to claim your copy of this amazing book. You’ve been selected because we believe you’re an entrepreneur at heart – and owning your own successful business is something you’ve always dreamed of doing.
And because you’re used to getting in on the best ideas first… and adapting them quickly, we want to offer you the best deal on Michael’s last ever book.

While others will pay as much as $24.95 on bookstore shelves, we’ve made a special arrangement through and Barnes & Noble booksellers for you to own The Reluctant Entrepreneur for just $15.96.

That’s a ridiculously low price for all the information and direction you need to “let go” of any fear that’s been holding you back… and launch that business you’ve always dreamed about starting today.

And remember…

Michael charges thousands of dollars an hour to provide the ideas you’ll find in this book to clients around the world. In many cases, he actually gets a share of profits from the businesses he’s helping. But this is your opportunity to get his best ideas – all in once place – for a mere fraction of what he’d typically charge a client for an hour of his time.

But please keep in mind: this discounted offer could expire at ANY time.  So it’s important that you act quickly to lock in your discount…

Click below to order The Reluctant Entrepreneur through or Barnes & Noble’s secure website.


Craig Ballantyne
Editor, The New Early to Rise

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P.S. There is no shortage of people – experts and regular wealth seekers alike – who admire and respect Michael Masterson’s work. And I am one of them. Following his example and his advice is a very big reason I’m enjoying the success I am today. This is a man who, after all, has amassed over $50 million in personal wealth using some very simple and direct income generation strategies – and now he’s dedicated his “later years” to sharing everything he knows with anyone who’d like to be rich too.

Don’t get me wrong. Michael still has a passion for business and making money. But nothing gives him more of a thrill than knowing more and more people will experience what he and dozens of his friends already have… which is to leave the work-a-day world behind foreverlive the dream of a happy, successful and fulfilled reluctant entrepreneurand enjoy all the financial freedom and other benefits that come with it.

Order this book today. Set aside three hours to read it once you get it. I promise you, you’ll be inspired and have everything you need to launch your new business right away!

If you’re ready to take advantage of Masterson’s years of business-building acumen, and finally start the business of your dreams, click below to order The Reluctant Entrepreneur now.

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“There are tons of hype-filled, ego-maniac, bombast-spouting gurus out there promising to teach you how to get rich. Unfortunately, the only thing most of them have sold is get-rich-quick programs. In sharp contrast, Michael Masterson is the real deal and a rare find: a genuine, honest, down-to-earth guru -- a self-made multi-millionaire who not only knows how to build wealth but is a master at teaching others to do so. And unlike so many others, he’s not a one-trick pony, having made fortunes in everything from real estate and information marketing to nutritional supplements and fine art. On a personal note, there is not a single wealth-building guru whom I like, respect, or listen to more than Michael.”

-Bob Bly, America’s Top Copywriter